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Meet DJ Naz of Doha’s b-lounge

Meet DJ Naz of Doha's B-lounge

The Musical touch of Naz is unique and widely recognized for its elegance. His repertoire, intuition, skill, experience, and imagination made Naz the DJ of choice for top venues, exclusive events, fashion and arts shows as well as some of the coolest festivals and musical gatherings. Naz grew up mostly in London soaking up all the diverse cultures of the city.
In the early 2000s, Naz connected with the owners of "George V Eatertainment" and teamed up with the French legend for an adventure and friendship that has lasted so far, almost two decades. He took it across the world opening and artistically directing venues in London, Mexico, India and Dubai to name but a few. Today, Naz is based in Doha where he is a pillar of the scene, on and off the decks through his music, design work and extensive elite social network.
In perfect harmony with the restaurant's décor and atmosphere, this poignant and constantly innovative musical style enchants both the local and international clientele alike.
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