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Mixology - B-Lounge Doha
Mixology - B-Lounge Doha
Mixology - B-Lounge Doha
Mixology - B-Lounge Doha

Where Mixology is an Art

The drinks menu introduces innovative beverages created using exotic spices and essences from around the world.

An Immersive Sensory Experience

Cocktails by B-Lounge Doha

B-Lounge Doha draws its mixology from decades of international craftsmanship around the world's most vibrant cities including New York, Dubai and London.


From a Far East botanical selection to classics with an Oriental twist and remarkable recipes delivered to you in an intriguing smoked experience, every glass is concocted singularly at Doha's most enticing lounge destination.

Signature Recipes

B Lounge Signature Cocktail

Each with their own distinct story, signature beverages at B-Lounge are designed to leave you in awe.

The world-famous recipes of the Maha Bodhi and the Little One bring a sense of familiarity to the space while B-Lounge Doha introduces its own twist on other beverages including tea concoctions and unmatched mocktails.




Beverage Menu

Beverage Menu

Let West and East converge as you discover unique flavors in our selection.
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